Graph Matching Game (Linear Equations and Linear Inequalities)

So in my Algebra 1 class we have been studying graphing linear equations + graphing linear inequalities however it seems to not exactly be clicking with the kids. I looked online for lots of ideas and saw a couple graphing matching games, however no one actually had examples or quick exercises I could use. I also decided to add a little twist to the activity, splitting the lesson up over two days.

Day 1:  I split the kids up into groups of 2 and gave them each a group of a set of matching cards. I personally put the graphs on Green paper and the answers of Yellow paper (I am a Baylor Bear, so Green and Gold all the way!) I had a total of 18 graphs, and 18 answers. Some of the answers where in y=mx+b form, and others I wrote as slope and y-intercept, and had the students write the formula on the answer card. Finally, the students matched the graphs with their answers. Once the students had finally matched all the graphs, I asked them how to identify the slope, y-intercept, what are the steps of graphing a linear equation? This helped the students organize their thoughts, and helped me to get an understanding of what the students understand.

Matching Game Worksheets: Linear Equations Matching (pg3)Linear Equations MatchingLinear Equations Matching (pg2) Linear Equations Answers 1Linear Equations Answers 2Linear Equations Answers 3.

Day 2: The next day, I reviewed linear inequalities with the students. We talked about what types of lines (dashed or solid), and what direction the shading should be. After discussing the similarities and differences between linear equations and linear inequalities I gave the students the same graphs from the day before, but this time I changed the answers into linear inequalities. This gave the students the chance put to practice their understanding of inequalities. The students were required to match the graphs to the equation, and then add the changes that inequalities had on the graph (ie: where the shading could go, and if there should be a dashed or solid line). Using the same graphs as the day before gave the students an aspect of familiarity, and helped the students make connections between the linear equations and linear inequalities. I printed the inequality answers on blue paper… I personally see adding splashes of color adds a little extra something and creates a silly sense of excitement into the lesson.

Matching Inequalities Worksheets: *Use the same graphs as Day 1* Linear Inequalities Answers 1Linear Inequalities Answers 2Linear Inequalities Answers 3.

This was an excellent 2 day lesson that could be used to review or to teach the students about linear inequalities and linear equations.


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