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Travel the US, with the Distance Formula!

Today we are reviewing/teaching the Distance Formula and Midpoint Formula. Usually a very boring lesson full memorizing and using boring formulas. However, I love to take those types of lessons and try to help the students relate the boring information to something they will/can remember. So after introducing the formulas, I took a map of the US (you could really use any map), and had the students plan a trip across the USA covering at least 10 states, and then making “pit stops” along the way of places they would want to visit (ie: the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas). The students have to find the distance of the total trip, as well as the distance between each “pit stop.” Finally, the students have to find the midpoint between each “pit stop” because they MUST stop for gas, and to stretch their legs. This activity  helps the students practice their midpoint formula and distance formula, all the while becoming familiar with the US and interesting locations to visit in the US.

(Most of my students are Chinese Exchange Students, so this was a fun project for them as they are really planning their end of the year travels plans!)

Here is the worksheet I handed out to the students, Distance and Midpoint Worksheet . I gave them this over the weekend, so they were able to do a little research about the places they would want to visit.